Speedway Cover

Honored to be on the newest Speedway Cover!


SEMA Best of Show

Pretty excited about this one!


Hot Rod Magazine Test Drive

Elana Scherr of Hot Rod Magazine interviews Andy Leach of Cal Automotive Creations in this episode of Hot Rod Unlimited. Andy also takes Elana for a ride in “Checkered Past” the 40′ Ford built for Ron Cizek. You may remember “Checkered Past” as the RideTech equipped 50th anniversary 2013 Ridler Award winner.


Custom CAL

CAL Automotive Creations is all about the details. Customizing is what we do.

To do a car like Checkered Past, it’s more than just buying a part, spraying some paint on it and bolting it on. Like the heads, for instance, there’s roughly 400 hours in the heads, just in grinding, sanding, welding and shaping alone.

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