Andy Leach

Andy’s passion for hotrods started at a young age when he tagged alongside his father to car shows. At 14 his neighbor taught him how to weld and from then on, you could find him in the garage. As a single father Andy looked for side work and met Ron Cizek. Ron had a family car, a 1940 Ford Coupe, that he wanted to be restored. Andy took on the project, working nights and weekends in his 2 car attached garage. Ron saw Andy’s skill & passion so they collaborated and created CAL Automotive Creations. They then took the 1940 Ford to Detroit and brought home the 50th Annual Ridler Award. The rest is history! CAL Automotive creations has grown into a 10+ man, 7500 sqft empire, located in Bennington Nebraska.

Andy is now married and has 3 great kids, 2 bulldogs & a collection of cars of his own.